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How Far Can My E-Motorcycle Go?

By 26/07/2022août 3rd, 2022Blogs

When deciding on getting an e-motorcycle, one of the factors you will be concerned about is how far can it go?

Well, you’re not alone.

Many intending e-motorcycle owners also wonder about the range of their electric motorcycle on a single charge.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer as the e-motorcycle range depends on many factors such as the brand of the bike, type and age of battery, tyre pressure, tyre type, etc.

However, recognizing these factors and how they influence your e-motorcycle range can provide insight into the e-motorbike range question based on your unique use.

Keep reading to discover how far your e-motorcycle can go.

How Far Can My Electric Motorcycle Travel?

It is challenging to put a specific number to how far your electric motorcycle can take you.


We don’t know what you weigh, the roads you’re traveling, the ambient temperature, and several factors that influence your e-motorcycle range — which is the distance your e-motorcycle can travel before it needs a recharge.

However, we have a template that can guide you.

An electric motorcycle typically has a range of at least 40 miles while some can reach 100 miles. But, this depends on the capacity of the battery in your e-motorbike and several more variables.

Factors That Affect E-Motorbike Range

Here are the most critical factors that can affect the distance you can cover with your e-motorcycle before you have to recharge:

1. Battery charge level

The battery level of an e-motorcycle is an essential component that will significantly influence the range you can cover.


The lower your battery charge level, the smaller the distance you can travel before the battery runs flat.

Therefore, it is usually best to charge your battery until it is full before riding out on your e-motorbike, especially if you plan to cover more distance than you normally do.

Pro tip? When you buy new batteries, make sure to fully charge them before use. Otherwise, you may negatively affect the life of your battery and reduce its capacity.

In addition, it is not the best practice to wait for your battery to go flat before recharging.

2. Battery capacity

Your battery capacity is essentially how much energy your battery can store when it is fully charged?

Of course, this variable goes a long way in determining how many miles you can with your e-motorcycle in a single charge. After all, your bike will only keep going as long as you have some battery.

Therefore, a battery with larger capacity will typically provide you with more energy and should generally help you cover more distance on your electric motorcycle, provided that every other thing remains the same.

If your battery isn’t giving the mileage you need, you should consider replacing it with a higher-capacity battery.

3. Tyre pressure

Want to cover more range with your e-motorcycle? You should consider checking your tire pressure.


Your e-motorbike tires do more than bear your bike’s weight, your weight, and whatever load you put on it. They also provide friction between the motorcycle and the road, which may affect how much power your e-motorcycle moves with per time.

If your tire is fully inflated, it will run more smoothly on the road providing better coverage. On the other hand, tires with low pressure will increase the resistance on the road and burn more energy for movement.

So, the trick is to find a balance between low tire pressure and higher levels. Then, you can check your manual for your ideal tire pressure.

4. Weight of the rider and cargo

When travelling on an e-motorcycle with a passenger and extra cargo, you must be prepared for a shorter range and higher battery drainage.

This is because more energy is required with an increase in load, reducing the maximum travel distance.

Therefore, if you are looking to cover longer ranges on your e-motorcycle, you might want to lose the extra baggage!

5. Terrain

Are you riding on asphalt? Perhaps you intend to go off-road?

Terrain is another factor that can influence the range of your e-motorbike with a single chat.

For instance, travelling on a sloppy or mountainous road will use up more energy than riding on flat terrain. I’m the same way, a smoother surface will require less energy allowing you to cover more ground.

How to Plan for Long-range Electric Motorcycle Rides

Whether riding through the back road in your country or prepping for an interstate ride, enjoying your long-range electric motorcycle rides requires careful planning. Not to worry, we can help.

Here are some tips to help you plan your bike ride properly:

1. Check your e-motorcycle power

Before starting your trip, you need to check your e-motorcycle power. Does it have enough energy to get you all the way?

If not, how long will it last before you need to recharge? Be sure your battery is up to the task, and replace it if necessary.

Make sure you fully charge and have tested over a shorter distance to confirm all is in good condition.

2. Inspect all parts of your motorcycle

You also want to check all the components of your e-motorcycle to confirm they are ready for the long trip.

Check your tires to see if you have them in the proper pressure. Can it move along the road, whether slippery or rough?

Check the brakes, the lights and other vital parts of your vehicle. In addition, updating all apps and software is essential to ensure you are fully set for the long haul.

3. Pack your gear

While it is essential to pack some gear, when going out for long bike rides, it is typically best to limit it to the essential stuff. This is because your e-motorcycle battery will generally run down faster with increasing load.

So, once you have packed a breathable and waterproof riding gear, add on only essential items.

4. Plan your route

Because your route can affect your trip experience, you must carefully plan your route before setting out.

Discover the charging ports along your route, where you can rest and get accommodation if needed.

It is also crucial to check the weather along this route as your ride can be affected by the weather conditions. At low temperatures, your battery will store less energy reducing the distance covered.

Be sure to preserve your batteries by riding at an optimal temperature and parking your bike in insulated spaces.

Wrapping It Up

Whether moving between states or riding your e-motorcycle for leisure, riding can certainly be more fun when your bike can cover longer ranges.

However, you can only prepare adequately for such long rides when you know how long your electric motorcycle can go. Hopefully, this article has given you some idea on that.

In addition, you should not have some insight on the factors that may affect your e-motorbike’s range and how to prepare for your long rides.

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