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How Often Do I Need to Maintain My Electric Motorcycle? Is it Maintenance-free?

By 26/07/2022Blogs
Like all machines, your electric motorcycle also requires periodic servicing from time-to-time. This is to ensure optimum operation whenever you take your e-motorcycle out for a ride.
But, how often do you need to service your electric motorcycle?
We answer this question and more in this article. We also share some insight into the e-motorbike parts that you’ll typically need to service and why they are necessary.
So, let’s jump into it!
Why Do I Need to Maintain My Electric Motorcycle?
Maintenance of your electric motorcycle is important in preventing breakdown and prolonging the life of your vehicle.
Without proper maintenance, your e-motorcycle will typically not work as efficiently as it should. This can lead to frustrating bike rides that can quickly make you wary about taking your electric motorcycle out again.
However, regular motorcycle servicing can generally prevent such situations.
Thankfully, an electric motorcycle doesn’t require as much maintenance as other vehicles.
For instance, you don’t need to worry about changing the oil or replacing  any oil filters. In addition, there are no parts like spark plugs, air filters, etc., to worry about.
That being said, let’s explore how often you need to service your electric motorcycle.
How Often Should I Maintain My Electric Motorbike?
We recommend servicing your e-motorbike every six months. This way, you can be sure to get ahead of potential issues with your electric motorcycle before they become a problem.
However, this servicing frequency is not set in stone. Instead, several factors — such as how often you use your bike and how many miles you travel — may also require to do more frequent or less frequent servicing.
But as a rule of thumb, a service interval of six months will typically guarantee optimum operation of your electric motorcycle.
Now, in between this period, it is also essential that you pay attention to your motorcycle regularly so you can quickly notice if there is anything out of place.
What Parts Typically Need Maintaining on an e-Motorcycle?
When you think about servicing your electric motorcycle, what parts come to mind? The following paragraphs walk you through the parts of your e-motorbike you’ll usually need to service:
Your battery
The battery is what powers your electric motorcycle. Therefore, you need to give it proper care to ensure it can keep providing the power your e-motorbike needs to keep going.
In light of this, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to your battery.
Remember, factors such as the temperature you keep your motorbike in and your charging habits can affect your battery lifespan.
For instance, overcharging or undercharging your battery can affect its effectiveness and shorten its life.
In addition, if your bike is in storage, you want to ensure the temperature isn’t too hot or too cold to prevent damaging the battery.  Also, when charging your e-motorcycle battery for the first time, make sure it is full before you start using it.
The tire pressure
You need to keep an eye on your tire pressure to prevent wear and tear and keep you safe on the move.
Different e-motorcycle models come with other specifications for the tire pressure. So, you’ll need to check your user manual to discover the one specific to your vehicle.
Also, your tire’s size, width and your weight also affect your tire pressure.
Servicing might also mean changing your electric motorcycle’s tires when worn out. To determine whether it is the right time to change the tires, check the wear indicator in the thread of each tire.
The brakes and brake fluid
This is an important safety measure for your electric motorcycle. The brakes need to be in perfect condition and must be regularly checked. You’ll also need to replace your brake fluids approximately every two years or so.
In addition, you will also want to check the brake pads for wear and replace them as needed. Furthermore, keep a
lookout for cracks in the rotors and callipers.
Finally, you also want to check other parts like the brake levers, the brake discs, cables, etc.
The lights
You also need to check your lights periodically as you never know when you’ll need to ride at night or in conditions that require you to turn on your headlights.
Therefore, you want to make sure the bulb of the headlights is working properly. Of course, you should replace all bulbs that aren’t working correctly immediately.
Also, you should check your turn signals regularly to ensure they are bright and functioning well.
Cleaning and lubrication of the electric motorcycle
With all the work it does, you want to ensure you carry out intensive cleaning of your electric motorcycle as part of your servicing routine.
Cleaning your bike will prevent debris buildup and rusting of the frame.
Also, check that your e-motorcycle chain is free from direct and crime that can cause friction and affect its movement. Besides that, you should confirm that your electric motorcycle also has enough lubrication to ensure smooth movement.
For lubrication, we advise using a professional motorcycle chain lube. This way, it stays lubricated for longer periods.
Now That You Know
Your electric motorcycle will last longer and serve you better with proper and timely servicing.
Although it doesn’t require as much maintenance as the traditional gas-powered ones, it is still essential to keep up with these critical servicing measures.
In addition to the scheduled servicing, you also want to regularly check your vehicle to easily spot and fix any issue.
With proper servicing, you will enjoy the most of your electric motorcycle.
Here at Tromox, we are your one-stop for all things electric motorcycles. Reach out to use for your e-motorcycle servicing or purchases.