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How to Properly Maintain TROMOX MINO in Winter?

By 29/12/2021Blogs

Winter is coming, riders are dawning their gloves and cozy scarves, bracing for colder rides. Many motorcycles are already sentenced to a garage hibernation and will be wheeled out next spring. But electric motors like MINO can extend your riding season through these cold months!

With the proper preparation, you can continue enjoying your MINO all winter long. To make the most of winter, Tromox would love to share with you some Motorcycle Battery Storage Tips for you to keep your MINO performing at capacity when it’s chilly outside!

Give your bike a thorough clean.

First thing’s first, it’s best practice to give your vehicle a thorough clean before the start of the winter season. Your vehicle will need some much-needed TLC after surviving all of its summer adventures and autumn trails. Any drivetrain gunk or mechanical issues could be made worse by harsh winter conditions. Winter is infamous for heavy mud and slush which can get into the nooks and crannies of your precious ride. Water expands when it freezes so it’s a good idea to check that there aren’t any broken seals around the suspension or motor either.

Take your battery inside.

We always advise storing your MINO in a dry location above freezing temperatures, but if that’s not possible, then take your battery inside. Charge and store your battery indoors and between -18℃-25℃. Failure to do so may void your warranty, render your battery non-functional, or cause a hazardous situation.

Prepare your battery for long-term storage.

If you’re putting your battery away for more than two weeks, keep it at around 60% charged and check on it every month to make sure it’s staying at that level. Keeping it fully charged while in storage can lead to range loss. A day or two is not a cause for concern, but after a while, it’ll start to add up.

Choose a safe storage place.

While your battery should always be charged indoors, your MINO can be stored anywhere. You can bring the whole vehicle inside as well or leave it in a cold garage. It’s best to keep your MINO protected from the elements in order to avoid any rusting or ice buildup. There are mini outdoor shed options made of plastic or metal if you don’t have enough inside space. These solutions can keep your precious ride away from any potential thieves, too.

Winter riding tips: stay visible!

Safe riding techniques can protect you and keep your bike in proper working order. Crashing on slippery ice can damage vehicle components but, more importantly, can also injure its rider. The powerful motor on MINO is normally a fun and carefree asset but can be a challenge in harsh conditions. Avoid the temptation to push speed limits on ice or snow and you’ll steer clear of most accidents.

There are fewer hours of daylight in the winter, so powerful front and rear lights are necessary hardware. Bright lights reflect well on white surfaces like snow and allow other people to see you. Reflectors add another level of visibility. High-visibility clothing like neon or bright colors tack on additional insurance—and safety is always in style.

And finally, don’t drench your battery!

This should go without saying, but you should never immerse or submerge either your battery or your MINO in water or other liquid. This can damage your electrical system or cause a hazardous situation. The bike’s components are all water-resistant, but you should still avoid large puddles, streams, or very heavy rain. After riding your MINO in wet conditions, inspect your bike to make sure all components are clear of dirt, debris, and moisture.

Happy Trails:

Hope this article could help you to properly maintain your MINO in Winter!

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