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Will My E-Motorbike Shock Me in the Rain?

By 26/07/2022Blogs

It is only understandable if you’re wondering whether your e-motorcycle can electrocute you if you ride it in the rain. After all, everyone understands that electricity and water do not pair very nicely.

We understand your fear and that’s why we came up this blog post.

Spoiler alert? Your electric motorcycle will not electrocute you if you ride it in the rain.

But, how?

In the following paragraphs, we explore the various measures that e-motorbikes have in place to ensure that they don’t pose an electrocution risk when users use them in wet controls.

We also share some precautions and recommendations for users who take their e-motorcycles out into the rain.

Is My E-Motorbike Waterproof or Water-resistant?

While riding your electric motorcycle, especially across long distances, you might run into extreme weather conditions like rain and have to ride under for a while before finding shelter. If that ever happens to you, you don’t have to worry as your e-motorbike is water resistant.

But, does that mean you can leave your e-motorcycle out in the rain without fear?

Electric motorcycles feature a design and construction that will withstand rain for a considerable period. This is so water does not get into their internal components and spoil it.

However, this does not mean they are waterproof. In other words, if you expose your electric motorcycle to rain for long enough, water will eventually get in. Riding your e-motorcycle in extreme conditions such as floods also poses the same risk.

Remember, like all electrical gadgets, the more you submerge your e-motorbike in moisture, the greater the chances of damaging its electrical components.

Besides, prolonged exposure to water can also cause your electric motorcycle parts to rust, which will reduce their lifespan.

Now, how long can you ride your bike in the rain? Let’s check it out.

How Long Can I Ride My E-Motorcycle in the Rain?

The short answer is there is no specific duration. So if you still have some battery, you can keep riding your bike — rain or not.

However, we do not recommend that you expose your electric motorcycle to extreme conditions for long periods.

Will My Electric Motorcycle Shock Me in the Rain?

Definitely not!

Your electric motorcycle’s parts, such as the battery, motor, display and connection points, have been designed with closed units to protect you when riding in the rain.

In addition, most e-motorbikes also come with a resistive touch screen that allows you to operate your vehicle in the rain.

So, there are no worries about being electrocuted in the rain. But, you should also remember that submerging your e-motorbike in deep water for an extended period will damage its parts.

Tips for Riding Your E-Motorbike in the Rain

Our first tip is to avoid riding your electric motorcycle in the rain if you can help it. But, if you can’t, here are some tips to help you stay safe while riding in the rain:

1. Use fenders

When riding in the rain, you should use fenders that protect your bike body and your body from dirt and rainwater.

A fender is a covering for your bike tires that protect you from the rain. They are designed to prevent the rain from splashing muddy water on your back and bike.

So if you find that you will be riding in the rain, you may want to invest in fenders.

2. Avoid puddles and potholes

While your electric motorbike might be water resistant, it is not waterproof. You want to avoid poodles and potholes that will cause your bike to be submerged in water.

Think about it like this.

Your mobile phone may survive if it quickly falls into water and you snatch it out. But, if you leave it in the water for long enough, the circuits will even get wet and the phone will go off. This is because the phone is water-resistant and not waterproof.

In the same way, your electric motorcycle isn’t designed to stay in large bodies of water.

When planning trips, be sure to research the weather conditions of the area as well as your bike’s waterproofing standards.

3. Avoid charging the battery when your bike is wet

Your battery is designed to be safely inside the frames of your electric motorcycle, protecting it from the rain.

However, charging it in the rain can cause damage to it and reduce its lifespan.

We advise that you wait till you find shelter and have properly dried your electric motorcycle before changing the battery.

Pro tip? Protect the charger from the water if you need to charge in the rain.

4. Lower tire pressure

One of the dangers of riding in the rain is moving your bike on the slippery road.

We recommend that you adjust the tire pressure of your vehicle to match the road conditions.

Lower pressure allows your tire to come into contact with the road and gives you a better grip. In addition to reducing the pressure, you also want to avoid riding too fast in the rain.

5. Use your lights

Driving in the rain can affect your visibility, especially if the rain is really severe.

Therefore, for your safety and that of other road users, it is usually best to turn on your lights when it is raining. This way, pedestrians and other drivers can spot you very quickly.

We recommend ensuring your electric motorcycle is equipped with a front-facing white light that illuminates a distance of at least 500 feet.

You should also use your tail light to protect you from other vehicles coming behind.

6. Stay dry

In addition to protecting your electric motorcycle, you also want to ensure you’re waterproof (or at least water-resistant) too.

Here are some tips. Wear a cycling cap under your helmet that keeps your eyes from the rain. This way, you can prevent the rain from getting into your eyes.

In addition, you should also invest in a water-resistant jacket, coat and gloves that keep your hands warm and dry. Acquiring rain pants and water-resistant shoes is also an excellent idea.

7. Clean your bike after your ride

After your rainy ride, be sure to take time to clean your bike.

You want to wipe down the frames and other wet parts with a clean towel.

In addition, you also want to dry off the base and electrical points of your battery to avoid prolonged exposure to moisture that can lead to damage.

Wrapping It Up

Clarifying whether your electric motorcycle will shock you in rainy conditions is not only understandable, but it is also commendable.

On that note, our final verdict is you can ride your electric bike in the rain without any shock under normal conditions. However, we also do not recommend riding in heavy rain because an e-bike is only water-resistant and not completely waterproof.

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