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The TROMOX UKKO electric motorcycle with fast charging technology debuted on CIMA Motor 2021

By 18/09/2021octobre 14th, 2021Events, News

The 19th China International Motorcycles Trade Exhibition(CIMA Motor Show 2021) is being held as scheduled in Chongqing, China from this Friday, September 17 to 20, 2021. As one of the largest motorcycle gatherings in China, major brands also choose to release new models on the first day of the show. Among them are the Harley Sportster, which is debuted in China. In addition to the new products of the traditional combustion motorcycle manufacturers, the emerging brands of electric motorcycles have also brought more amazing new products, including TROMOX whose electric motorcycles have attracted much attention every year at the show.

Last year, they launched a mini electric motorcycle MINO on the market, which aroused extensive discussions in the industry. Most of them were disputes about the compact size. Some riders find it small, agile and cute, with a certain degree of fun. Some users feel that the small size is not suitable for daily riding. The application scenarios of the vehicles are different, and the needs of each rider are also not the same. Presumably, the Tromox company has also heard the voice of some riders. So the new model UKKO launched this time is not so mini anymore.

First of all, this is a rare (or even the first) high-speed electric motorcycle in China. Like Mino, the UKKO has also equipped a mid drive motor. The battery uses an automotive-grade 72V/55Ah blade lithium battery pack. It can reach a maximum speed of 100 kph. One of the advantages brought by the mid-mounted motor is the climbing performance and acceleration. This new bike only needs 4.2s to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h and climbs 22° slope easily.

The most attractive point is the fast charging technology presented by the TROMOX this time. It can charge the battery from 0% to 80% in only 45 minutes. For those who love long-distance travel by motorcycle, this feature is quite appealing. After all, you can get the battery almost fully charged in the lunchtime on the way

The TROMOX UKKO launched this time mainly focuses on lightweight, ranging from the all-aluminum alloy frame of the vehicle body to the racing-grade single rocker arm design, as well as the design of body hollow details.

The seat height of the UKKO is 760mm, and the threshold for the height of the rider is not so high. Basically speaking, you can try this electric motorbike if you are higher than 160 cm. In regard to the tires, the front tire is 100/80-13 and the rear 120/70-13 and both are tubeless tires. There are CBS and ABS brake system for option, which bring more safety for your driving.

In addition to its eye-catching appearance, the manufacturing process of the UKKO is also very sophisticated. It can also be clearly seen on the scene that the new electric motorcycle has adopted the robot argon arc welding process. The welds are scattered, three-dimensional, exquisite and beautiful. It is worth mentioning that the new vehicle UKKO is equipped with Continental maintenance-free drive belts as the standard version. To the users who do not like chain sound, the belt drive can give them pleasing enjoyment of quietness.

At present, many auto manufacturers have begun to develop new energy motorcycles and want to take a share in the market. Many traditional fuel motorcycle brands have also begun to invest in the design and development of electric motorcycles. Similar to the current rise and fast growth of new energy cars, the future of new energy motorcycles is also very bright. According to the information we have learned, many countries around the world have initiated policy support to encourage the conversion of combustion engine motorcycles to electric two-wheelers. As an early bird of the electric motorcycle industry, TROMOX has already felt the enthusiasm of overseas markets for e motorcycles since last year when Mino was exported to Europe for the first time. For the UKKO, international customers can have a test ride or purchase it locally in the spring of 2022.