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Tromox MINO received the highest award in the EV motorcycle Awards named by Japanese MonoMax

By 15/02/2022février 17th, 2022News

Tromox MINO is featured in the February issue of MonoMax!

Among all the electric motors of the other brands, Tromox MINO received the highest award in the EV motorcycle category of the Vehicle Awards!  

When Tromox launched a mini electric motorcycle MINO on the Japanese market, it aroused extensive discussions in the industry. Most of the riders were amused by its compact size, they find it small, agile, and cute, with a certain degree of fun.

By continuously hearing the voices of our global users, Tromox found an interesting fact that many of our users purchased their vehicles during the outbreak period. One person camping becomes popular due to the Covid-19, since taking public transportations seems not to be safe anymore, many people, including those who never thought about purchasing motorcycles, purchased their MINO to use as a new means of daily transportation.

Covid-19 has indeed caused many inconveniences to our life, but it is also changing people’s way of transportation in a certain way.

As a technology-based exclusive brand for short and medium-distance travel, Tromox not only wants to provide smart, environmentally friendly, and interesting ways of traveling for our global users, but also wants to be a real problem solver that always put ourselves in the shoes of our users to meet their demand of traveling.

No matter how the external environment changes, we are willing to be the user’s inner voice.